Background of Keep Well Limited

Keep Well Limitedwas established on January 29th of 1980, business is mainly in investment and renting the real estate. After 30 years operating, along with the continually rising value of real estate in Hong Kong market, company had earned generous achievement.

Shareholder has fought for the company for over 30 years, and now come to the age of retirement. No great achievement, but still want to help the society by running well the online store with his own wisdom and experience from society.


Shareholder’s Wish

The Shareholder deeply believes values from society should be given back to the society. Since 1998, he began introducing mini rugby to the kids in the community, and has been holding the post of the chairman of Monkey Mini Rugby Club for 17 years. Together with a group of like-minded volunteers and friends, he pushed the kids to do more sport, and served the community.

Company shareholder’s wish is to establish a social enterprise, to feedback society and benefit the people from different status, and put the company profit into good use, to help people in need around the community.

Earning the support from the friends shared same idea, Yoyoishop was officially established on May 18th, 2015.


Our Mission

The goal of establishing the online store, is to let the customers purchase the best products in best price, meanwhile the manufacturers could be able to sell products in the least cost. What’s most, it provides a platform for those entrepreneurs to promote their products and service, to achieve an all-win situation.


P.S. Yoyoishop refuses any fakes or infringing products.


Our Vision

Unlike the traditional physical store, people don’t need to pay the expensive rent and salesman salary or promotion expenses, etc, therefore the operation cost is relatively lower. Except deducting the basic operational cost, the company will put the profit into community welfare establishments.

The further goal, is to prepare a charitable organization, to help the disadvantaged groups in the society.


Core Value

The company strongly believes, as long as a person succeeds by his own, and then help people in need, then affect more people with same faith, stand out to support disadvantaged groups and help them change their fates. Aiming at the specific goal, it drives us to dedicate ourselves to develop this enterprise, accumulate wealth, and finally realize the dream of promoting public welfare.